Tuesday, 17 March 2009

U.S.S. Glazebrook - starting

Right, about time i started adding things. There's not too many areas Andrews left bare so its going to be quite simple to finish them off.

The top pic shows how i've used - i think - Fine Moulds TIE Fighter parts to cover a couple of areas.

Next pic has the start of covering up the two rear facing blank areas. I've used "Baco" bricks for this, which are kind clunky but i really like them (used them on the top of my Battlecruiser too).

I was put on to them by Martin Bower who used them extensivly on his 1999 Dragon Ship (see last pic).


Andrew Glazebrook said...

What are "Baco" bricks ?

Mangamax said...

They're a childs building system that predates Lego.
Same thing - lots of little blocks you assemble to build things, but in this case only houses and suchlike.
You're meant to use the other side to them, which has a brick pattern, but Martin spotted the neat slot pattern on the reverse.
Readily available in the 60's, Martin used them quite a bit in the 70's.
Quite rare now, but i've a whole bag of 'em if you fancy some?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Thanks for the brick offer, but I'd just end up having them sat here gathering dust ! But I know who to ask if I change my mind :) Would live to get back into some model making,the last thing I really started was this radar model,I have this one and a similar one I started,that I keep meaning to finish eventually !! I mayeb mentioned this before, but like you I used to do a lot of my modelling in the projection box, I used to have 4 screens to run at Odeon Middlesbrough when it was open so it gave me spare time to do stuff while the films were on ! I sculpted most of this Jabba the Hutt at work, with quite often my old boss stood watching me !