Friday, 13 March 2009

U.S.S. Glazebrook a question of command

Hi there.
Sorry for the delay in updates, but i went into hospital yesterday for an operation.
Home now and i'm pretty much bed-ridden. But i have to get up from time to time to stop me seizing up, so thought i'd take a few snaps then go on the Net for a short while.
Can't do any modelling right now, but been umming and ahhing over what to use for the Command Deck for the Glazebrook. The first thing to decide before i can go any further is what's the scale of thing.

You can see in the top pic that i've placed a kit part from the SRN4 over the Plasticard blanking plate i'd already attached. Quite like this part as it suggests windows, and makes the ship pretty big. But its kinda clunky.

Second pic is more in keeping with the lines of the rest of the ship - but isn't really a command deck. So, if i use that, it'd be more a shroud for sensor devices that'd i'd put in there.

Thinking of using neither. What i'm on the lookout for is a slit-shape as i want the front to be sorta like the bridge of the Prison Shuttle in the Dredd film, or ditto of the Galactica Shuttle from the original series.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

I like the idea that mention about the Dredd ship and the Galactica shuttle !! Hope you recover quickly from your op !!