Friday, 13 March 2009

Gateway Shuttle - the basis

When i got back from hospital yesterday, the Tamiya Porsche kit was waiting for me.
Frustrating that i can't get started and just have to be content with looking at the parts.

The Porsche is, of course, the main front section of the Shuttle. Comparing the body shell to the finished craft, its obvious Bob Skotak only used some of it, cutting just to the rear of the canopy and losing most of the sides. You can see by the green line where i've roughly got to cut.

The kit is a little disapointing in that i'd kinda hoped Bob had used other parts from it on the build, and maybe he had - but there's none on show in the photos i've got.

The parts that i need for the rest of it are slowly coming together, but what i'm really stumped on right now is what was used at the front to cover the original wheel arches. They look like halves from an aircraft or helicopter.
But which?


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I believe I've identified some of the Macross parts, I had this kit in the 80's and marked up the parts I think it uses Here Hope this of help !! No doubt if this is right there's be other parts used but the foot part is one I remember very well !!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Also it looks like the section which is holding on the gun at the top of the picture is the main eye of the Macross Robot !!

Mangamax said...

Ahhhh, i used to have that kit. A lovely design - but a right bastige to get to stand up.
Was thinking it'd be a pricey build getting a Regult for so few parts but a guy is supplying me with them, so that's a relief.

Jason Eaton said...

Top back is the Quel-Quallie!