Saturday, 28 March 2009

Top Ten TV Openings - #1

While i'm strolling down memory lane via Youtube Lane, here we go with my favourite ever openings to TV shows.
Number 1 has been quite fairly lambasted for the cheapness of the production, the barminess of some of the tales and the woodiness of some of the acting.
Quite true.
But rising above the tackiness were the credits, which the show itself could never hope to approach in terms of moodiness and downright creepiness.
Dunno what's the most unsettling, the score or the images, especially the foetus and closing hand.
Coming soon: Number2. Which'll it be? Well, its a show that sports my favourite hardware design of any TV show, has my second biggest crush i had during my pre-teens, and was responsible for the only time i've ever fancied owning a string vest...

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