Monday, 23 March 2009

B7 Attack Craft - almost there

Start of the week - and still no flamin' kits from the Postie. Never mind, went off to my local Modelzone and picked up a Westland Wessex helicopter for my Gateway Station ship. Only need the tail for it so i'm in the process of putting various greeblies onto this. You can see at the rear i've used one of the rotors for a nice chunky panel.
You can also see i've used the Baco Bricks again. One of the elements of the original i wanted to keep is the grid panel all round the mid section. The problem there is that i've got to have a lot of the same thing to repeat the pattern - and the only thing that i have are the Baco's. Thought they were a bit too chunky at first, but they've grown on me since.

You may spot that i've capped the rear with the bottom of the Airfix Lunar Module. Used that because it has a nice rounded indent that the ball should fit nicely onto.

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