Saturday, 7 March 2009

Aliens Gateway Station Shuttle

Never seen shots of this before, and its a nice, clunky design.
Looks to be a mix of helicopter tails, racing car parts and other stuff.
If i can figure out what to use, might have a go at making one - or at least a riff on the design.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Looks like a lot of Macross kit parts used in there, think I recognise a few from a Macross model I had years back !! Lacks any real scale, but I suppose it was only for way off in the distance so they didn't bother.

Mangamax said...

Yeah, it was a quick kitbash by Bob Skotak and was never supposed to be seen up close - hence the clunky design and not-stuck-down-well-at-all Go Fasta stripes.
Been asking around and i've identified the racing car, plane and helicopter parts.
Macross eh? That's gonna be a bugger to track them down. Not suprised at their use though - the kits seemed to be in EVERY toy shop i ever went in during the mid 80's.