Thursday, 19 March 2009

B7 Attack Craft - the Probes

Still modelling standing up, and it ain't 'alf doing me back in - but a nice, easy bit of work done this morning.
Because the blue shroud i've put on the front is attached to the mouth-piece of the inhaler, which is open, there's no real way of glueing it nor the probes in place.
Got round that by filling the shroud with Milliput and pushing the shroud over the mouth-piece. The slow setting time of the Milliput has the double benefit of allowing me to move the shroud until i was happy with it, and then i could push the seperate probes into the Milliput, taking my time making sure everything was level and nicely spaced out.

In the background you can see i've painted the inside of the EMA Hemispheres with Tamiya Clear Red. I was toying with the idea of adding darker shades or a different colour and swirling them around to try and convey an energy vortex as the power source. But each coat darkens the colour further and i don't think it'd show with the panel lines on. And i also don't want to balls it up.

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