Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Artmor Project - right section

More progress with The Artmor Project piece, this time the upper portion of the right section:
Pic 1 - I wanted a "folded out piece" much like a part of the Thing's torso does when its grown massive in the dog pound in the film that a dog comes out of, and this is my nod to that, done in a sort of grey tone to match the film.
Pic 2 - The original plan was to have the inside of it to have a bunch of eyes looking out. But, when i'd hand-painted the pupils, they looked pretty rubbish compared to the glass eyes i'm using.
At the same time of realising i'd have to have a rethink, the Star Wars In Character podcast had announced on their FB page that the next subject would be the Tauntaun and talk had turned to the gutting of one by Solo.
Someone had commented on there how the creatures innards looked a bit like the inside of Ash in "Alien." Which had not only occured to me before (and is a great point) but got me thinking how the beads i'd used could be sort of like the ball things in Ash's workings. And, how about if when painted i then covered them with stringy muck to not only suggest that, but maybe also the membranes seen on top of the Alien eggs as they open up?
That's a go then - and here we are with the balls as they are at the moment, with icky stuff about to be applied.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Artmor Project - almost done.

Apologies for no update in quite a while, but i'm not really kit building at the moment and every spare moment i have is taken up with the two art projects i have on the go.
As ever, much more in the way of progress shots are to be found on my Mr E Models facebook page.
Anyway, here we are with the first section of the Artmor Project piece all done.