Thursday, 19 March 2009

Blakes 7 System Attack Craft

Probably lunacy to take another project on with so many at various stages of completion already.
But, with me sitting here twiddling me thumbs waiting for various donor kits to arrive, why not?
My good friend Ian Ward came round yesterday, bringing tons of graphic novels to read during my recuperation.
He also brought this shape that another good friend Dave Trelfer had passed on, thinking i could use it in some way.
Its a nice bunch of compound curves and straight away reminded me of the System Attack Craft seen in the second series of Blakes 7. These were smaller, combat ships built by the same race that built the Liberator, hence the design similarities.

As i say, it reminded me of them, no more, and of course i couldn't use this shape i had to make my own.
But a few years ago i made my own Liberator but, rather than slavishly follow the original, i did a riff on the design, keeping enough elements to make it reconisable.
And that's i think i'll do here. I'm going to make it up as i go along, keeping these basic elements:

probes at the front,
panelling in the mid-section,
red ball at the back with white panelling.

Apart from that, gawd knows where's its gonna go. Had a play around with some bits this morning. You can see here i've put a shroud thing where the probes will be attached and dug out two clear EMA hemispheres for the ball. They might be a bit too big. Don't know whether to have the ball just attached to the main section like this, or have the tube part that the original sports.

By the way, the screen grab of the original comes courtesy of John and his excellent Titan Find site, the maker of my B7 Pursuit Ship, along with the Liberator and Attack Craft (how i wish i'd got them when i ahd the chance) and his new Scorpio:


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cool use of an Asthma spacer, we have those lying round our house too !! :)

Niel Bushnell said...

Ohhhh Blakes 7, now you're talking. I'd love to see some pics of your Liberator model, its got to be the best ship ever, apart from the Falcon perhaps.