Saturday, 14 March 2009

My Holy Grail

Off-topic, but real chuffed with this.
Back in the early 70's when i were a nipper of 10 or so, i used to regularly get this book out the library.

Don't think i ever read it - just poured over the photos. It would be many years before i saw all the films pictured here, but that didn't matter - i was enthralled by the creature designs and i'm sure the book started me on my way into SF, a huge love of 50's B Movies and a preference of B&W over colour stills.

Anyway, i've always wanted my own copy. Pleaded with the library to sell me theirs but no-go. Then one day it was gone. Resigned to never seeing it again, as i couldn't remember at all the name of it. But last week realised Amazon have a "published before" function to their search engine so typed in before 1980, had a scroll and there it was, published in 1971.

So, a happy, happy bunny.
Its way out of date of course, but recommend tracking it down as the pics are excellent, and some very rare, even now.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

I think I've got a later version of this book that covers Star Wars !!!