Saturday, 28 March 2009

Gateway Shuttle - now really a variation on a theme.

So, if i'm to be anywhere near accurate i need a 1/24th Huey Hog for the main tail section.
Seems there's none to be had right now in the UK. There's a few in the States but 25.00+ (if i'm lucky), then postage, then the now obligatory Customs charge would make it about 55 quid - if i'm lucky. All for the end off the tail and maybe a couple of guns or a couple of shapes.
No, no way can i justify that.
So, along with the above and the fact that there doesn't seem to be any shots of the rear or underside (meaning a large part of the build would be conjecture), has resulted in my deciding to go completetly my own way and just the vary basic form as a basis for my own design (much like the Blakes 7 craft).
Maybe it'll be another version of the one in the film?
What to use though for the main tail parts? The only 1/24th thing i have is the Airfix Harrier but that's a bit too thick for what i need.
Had a lightbulb moment yesterday when i realised the 1/72nd B-29 i've bought for the Psydon Ship has a tail just the right thickness. So cut them off from the main halves and here they are Blu Tac'd in place with the other parts. Again, no idea what was used for the central section that eveerythings joined to, so have used some nice grooved piping i had lying around.

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