Saturday, 17 December 2016

Bulk Cruiser - oh dear...

Three years ago, i started to chart on my modelling FB page the restoration of this blummin' awful build i did sometime in the late 70's.
Back then, i'd gotten loads of clear plastic boxes and i'd decided to make a ship by gluing them together, then cladding with Plasticard, then adding kit bits and, when i finished a section, hand painted it with Humbrol enamels.
Yes really.
I think i was so appalled by the result that i hid it in my Mum's attic and forgot about it.
Until three years ago when i stumbled upon it.
After the shock and horror of remembering what i'd produced, i gave myself the task of restoring and finishing what i'd started all those years ago.
And this is what i had after i'd given it a good wash.
Its the underside of the ship and, yep, that is indeed a cut-up mid-section of the Galactica towards the rear!
As i say, this photo was three years ago and i did quite a bit of work on it before being distracted by other projects and putting it into my new attic.
But now think its time to start again so, after i've updated here the state of the rest of it then and now, i'll be carrying on.

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