Sunday, 25 October 2009

Slab Ship - starting priming

Thought i'd put a bit of primer on just to see how things look, and to make sure the bits i'm putting on aren't too clunky. Jury's out on that one...
Went with the conning tower as its still seperate from the rest and you can see in the middle pic how i've drawn on in red felt-tip where i'm planning on putting contrasting striping.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Our War Of The Worlds walk

Last Sunday i finally got round to doing something i've been planning for years - during the autumn follow the narrators journey in War Of The Worlds as he returns to Dead London and finally discovers the dead Martians.
Wells was brilliant at describing just where things happened so, armed with the book and an A-Z, we set off.
Documented it here:

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My Biog Living Axe

Think this fellas made an appeance here before, but the big 2000AD site has a show us your alien contest, so thought i'd dust him off. And while at it, put the pics here.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

2000AD TV Advert

Like to watch this from time to time, partly to remind myelf how much the comics evolved and partly to remind myself what Tharg sounds like.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Slab Ship - hiding the joins

As well as putting on panels and small details, i've also got to address the problem of how to disguise the vary obvious joins between all the sections of Foamboard.
Getting round it partly by the use of Plastruct strips.
These are excellent - made out of styrene and come in a variety of shapes. You should be able to make here that i'm using "L" shape ones for some areas and "U" shapes for others.
Incidently, it looks like a whacking great gap there at the front where the prow joins on to the sides. There isn't - i've used clear tape to cover it up. And will be covering it even more with small panels soon.
You may also be able to make out that, for the join between the side and the bottom, i've used a cable-tie at the front, then a "L" strip and, beyond the sitckyoutbit, a "U" shape.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Dr Who meets FHM

Tsssk... Know Who has always had, to use a Tom Baker phrase, "crumpet" to bring in a certain section of audience but, really, its not subtle is it?
Give me Mary Tamm any day.

Slab Ship

You may remember this project from waaaaay back. Put on the back burner as new projects came along, but i've dusted it off and carried on adding bits to it. You can also see i've removed the conning tower for now for ease of detailing.

Dropship - done

APC - done

Friday, 2 October 2009

Der Schnecke - factory finish

All the colours are on and i'm starting to put in the metallics. Figuring it needs a "face", i'm picking out the front bulbous area to try and suggest a canopy affair.

APC - factory finish

Feel MUCH better about this project now i've reached this stage. It makes for a nice, big model and i can almost forgive the trauma of the build. You can see i'v started putting on paint chips and next its some mud i think.

Dropship - factory finish

Just about done now. Its been a real odd project, with things not going quite the way i planned.
I originally wanted to have it with the landing gear down to display it in this here hanger. But the legs were so damned awkward and spindly i gave up on that idea.
So, landing gear up and a in-flight mode. But would look daft without the crew in their seats eh? "No probs" thinks i, "i've loads of spare pilots i can put in there".
Nope. If you put anyone in the front chair, its head hits the canopy, stopping it from fitting. Hmmmm... So i'm going to be stuck with a properly fitting canopy but no crew.