Saturday, 26 April 2014

Dakka Jet

Still fancying some Ork technology, i've now plumped for this kit.
I knew there'd be quite a lot of parts as you've the option of making one of three versions, each which has its own weapons, wings and cockpit configurations:

I've gone with the "Dakka" option (the light, fast fighter version) as i think it looks the best and leaves me a ton of surplus parts to go in the bits box.
The build was very simple and quick and its neat to see how some panels etc are covered up or uncovered depending on what you go for. I did think this'd be a long build though as the cockpit has to be fully painted before it can be inserted.
But what's great is the completed assembly just pops into the top when done - meaning i can leave it off until final weathering to the plane is done.
The pilot here is just Blu Tac'd into place, ditto his arms, head, and dashboard for ease of painting:

As usual with Games Workshop plastic kits, the grey, waxy plastic really doesn't sell the kit well and its only when a kit has Primer on that its starts to pop:

Jagoroth Spaceship - black

Okay, primed in White, the central section masked off, coated in Halfords Matt Black, masking tape removed to show shocking attempt at masking properly.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Mekka Dread

Another kit i'm making at the moment is the Mekka Dread by Forge World.
To save time, i'm documenting its build on my Youtube channel and i'm up to Part 3 now.
Part 1 can be found here if you fancy a look:

Grot Runtbot - finished

Sorry about the lack of in-progress shots on thsi fella, but i've been so busy on getting various scratchbuilds done by their deadlines (see me Mr E Models Facebook page for more info on those), plus other kitbuilds just makes everything so hectic right now.
Anyway, here's the Boy all done. Had a great time in just doing the metallics, but had even more fun once the armour plates were blocked in to make him as down and dirty and rusty as i could.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Grot Runtbot

This fella was the 2010 show exclusive from Forge World and is a lovely idea - the Grots want to be like their big boy Ork cousins and have their own walking, clunking machines. And this is what they came up with.
As usual with Forge World, the detail is simply amazing and it'll be a dream to paint up. The pic of him in primer is him just held together with Blu Tac - i'm keeping him in sub-assemblies (and the not seen Grot controller) for ease of painting as i really want to do the fella justice.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Penitent Engine

Had one of these yonks back and got rid of it yonks back too, but with the Imperial Engine all done i've had a hankering for another bipedal 40K design. At the very least to keep my Sisters Of Battle company again.
So, got me one and here it is in primer, minus the arms for ease of painting:

Here it is with a squirt of white primer on the "rider" - she'll be very pale, with white robes, so figure i'll be giving myself a hand by keeping that area as white as possible through the next few processes:

And here i've covered up the white bits with cling film while i blasted the rest with Satin Black:

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Jagoroth Spaceship - feet

For the feet, i drew around one of the supplied hemispheres then got my circle template and drew a bigger circle at the right size for the dome.
Then it was just a case of extending it into a teardrop shape and cut three out.
It was with some trepidation that i stood the fella up on his three legs for the first time, but - hurrah! - he seems pretty level.
Then it was a simple case of putting all the other hemispheres on for the leg joints.