Monday, 29 October 2007

Ma Room

Thought i'd post some pics of what my den's like at the mo'.

Avoided the workbench 'cause its a disgrace.

T-21 - first assembly

Here it is screwed together. I've also used No More Nails as glue to be extra safe.

You can see i've roughly sketched out where the detail has to go on the side.

T-21 progress

Here i've rounded off the edges where needed.

Next up is to join the trigger area to the body.

Bit worried about this as there's gonna be an awful lot of weight put on that join.

So, drilled holes for two screws plus, to be on the safe side, have drilled 3 extra ones to pin it as well.

Grand Lunar - starting

Off we go.

Just a ball of Bacofoil in the rough shape of the head stuck on a nail

D'Israeli's Grand Lunar

A real added bonus when reading the graphic novel of Scarlet Traces was seeing Matt's concept sketches of the Selenites and Grand Lunar from a pitch to do First Men In The Moon.

Being a massive fan of all things Wells and a cheeky blighter to boot, i asked Matt if he'd mind doing me a sketch of the Grand Lunar and a War Of The Worlds Martian coming face to face.

And, blimey, didn't he do well? Really knocked out by it and, as i've some Super Sculpy sitting around getting dusty, figure'd i'd have a go at a Grand Lunar meself.

Another DAR07

More DAR07

DAR 07

Some pics from the convention that's just finished in Nottingham

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Macrobinocs - 7

Bit of progress here.

I've had to put a plate of Plasticard on the front as the surface area was raised and ribbed and too small to take the lenses on.

The rear part - which was the lid - you can see i've cut off the raised and filled the pouring hatch with P38, then sanded everthing down. There's still a dimple and a logo but greeblies should cover them.

Star Wars T-21 Blaster

While i'm in the mood for building big, here's the next undertaking.

Always loved this unfeasably large weapon so its the logical choice if i'm gonna build a 1:1 prop.

Online tutorials don't seem to exist but i did find a full-scale blueprint so printed that out.

I drew on tracing paper the stock, trigger assembly and main body, and passed them on to a friend who's dad very good at working with wood.

All i wanted was to see if it was do-able, thinking if it was then i'd give him sheets of MDF the build up to the right thickness.

Not only could he do, he did it right away - using quality maple to boot.

Top bloke!

So here are the 3 sections. Next step is sand and make the stock and grip rounded. The its details the thing and bung the 4 inch soil pipe on the front.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Macrobinoculars - 6

... i realised that this section could slip up and into place - no need to try and glue the ragged edges togther.


This is where i am right now. I'm going to put a load of Zap-a-gap superglue on the inside and wait a day before moving on.

Macrobinoculars - 5

The proverbial lightbulb popped on and i used the scissors to trim the lid section, leaving an edge of the body because...

Macrobinoculars - 4

That was easier said than done.

I scored around with my craft knife to give a path. Then tried scoring with a Stanley knife, but that didn't have much effect.

I had to use a junior hacksaw but the plastic was very bendy and i couldn't follow the line at all well.

Once i'd seperated the two sections i cleaned up the rough edges of the larger piece with big scissors and, whaddya know?, it cut beautifully!

Macrobinoculars - 3

Both SG's and mine have the same trouble - they're too long in the body. SG got round his by cutting 2 inches from the base and then sliding that short section into the long section.

He could do that because his tapered at the bottom.

Mine didn't so i decided to cut at the top (for no other reason that then the "buisness end" ie the front, wouldn't have any sloppy joins i'd made).

So i marked off 2 inches all the way round then used masking tape to show where i needed to cut.

Macrobinoculars - 2

First up, find the shell to work from.

The States Guy (from now on known as "SG") used a 2.5 litre plastic jug with sealable lid.

So off i went searching through the tupperware sections.

Couldn't find a match but did discover this in Tescos - its a cereal container rather than a jug but its the same capacity and has the added bonus of (a) not needing the handle sawn off and (b) already has a frosted surface - excellent for paint and glue adhesion.

3 quid handed over and it was mine.

Star Wars - Macrobinoculars

I've been inspired to have a go at making my own pair of these after reading the fantastic tutorial by this bloke:

He's in the States so there's no way i'm gonna bt able to follow what he did exactly, but lets give it a go.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Scout Walker - base

El cheapo way fo doing things - 99p picture frame from Wilkensons and a layer of Das Pronto. You can see where i've pressed the Walker down to create locating marks prior to glueing.

Next up is some Games Workshop scatter material.

Scout Walker - done

Pretty dark compared the the movie versions, but i'm aiming to put it into a Tatooine base so figure the dusty sand will lighten it up more.

Drop Pod - docking clamp

Drop Pod - side view

Monday, 8 October 2007

ARC 170 - finished

Again, clearer pics to follow but here she is on a stand i made - why didn't they provide optional landing gear?

Really nice kit this, one to make me re-evaluate snap-fits.

Drop Pod - done but in bad light

Put this up as i'm feeling guilty not putting stuff up for a while - much clearer shots'll be here on Weds