Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Krote and Gustav - assembled

First up, hope you're having a great Christmas and all the best for the next 12 months.

Second, apols for the lack of posting just lately. Despite the Crimbo rush i have been a busy modeller, but haven't had time to take pics really.

But as you can see, the Gustav and Krote are pretty much done. Had great fun with both of these and they went together really well (despite some errors in the instructions).

The Gustav was a pretty standard build, notable for the nifty lead weights included to put in the feet and the lovely metal accessories that come with it. You can see here that the pilot is done. I haven't gone to town on the finishing of him as i'm enclosing the canopy.

The Krote was a revelation - just how many parts were needed for the engine and waist sections????. There's a side panel that you have the option of having on or off. I've chosen off as its a right bastige to stick on. So it'll be off and i have it in mind to have a diorama of it broken down and under repair. You should be able to see that i've added greeblies to the interior just to busy it up a bit and make it a bit more 3D.

I'm keeping everything in sub-assemblies for easy of painting and ease of applying the Mr Surfacer - the next step.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Krote and Gustav

My latest tow kits arrived together. Always wanted a Krote and i only really got the Gustav because it was cheap, i want a suit that's clearly got a man inside rather than a head popping out the top and i can try the Mr Surfacer out on him before i apply it to the Krote.

Neuspotter - done

Very suprised to see the light still works after all the constuction but don't think i'll be using it.

S.A.F.S - finished

Pleased with how the paintjobs come out but that pose is SO stiff and dull. Tried pointing the camera up the barrel to liven it up but no dice. Could've modified the joints but don't think i'd make a decent job of it.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Judge Anderson original art

Not a modelling project, but this site started as a 2000AD as well as SF themed one so figure this is worth a mention.

Been a fan of Dave Taylors work since his work on Dark Horse's "Tongue Lash" and knew he was going to be doing an Anderson tale for the Megazine from his previews on his Blog.

When it arrived it didn't disapoint - an old school Mega City tale involving sentinent buildings getting up and smushing stuff.

And the art was top notch. Dave is excellent at both inticate machinery and the female form and this strip showed both off brilliantly.

So, dead chuffed to get this page. I wanted this one in particular as the final panel is an excellent example of what i'm talking about - a stunning Anderson giving off loads of attitude in front of a very detailed city (the panel itself is relatively small but the amount of tight, tiny detail is astounding).