Monday, 25 July 2011

Joe Pineapples - based and armed

So, here's Joe the one-armed bandit standing up.
The next step of attaching the gun and left arm i was kinda nervous about as its a bit of a whopper, but the arm fits so snug due to have a locating pin built in and i used nearly set Araldite, that it were a doddle.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Nurgle Titan - walking

It stands! It stands! Well, at least for the moment - dunno once the main hull's on though. Got to add more detail now, especially around the leg/hip join to anchor and strengthen everything.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

From The Back Of the Cabinet - Nina Darkness

Was having a sort through a USB stick tonight and came across these shots, so thought i'd share.

Joe Pineapples - nearly there

Nearly there now. Pretty pleased with how his bodyworks come out and the rest of it is a doddle to paint, being simple blocks of colour.
Here's also the bits i'm doing seperately.

As the kit is based on the Bisley version, i was going to go with the logo/slogan-adorned rifle, but (A) he's holding it upside down, (B) i don't want anything too bright that'd distract from Joe.
So am going with a brutal, hrash, plain gunmetal as a contrast to him.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Joe Pineapples - dark blue

Okay, next up was putting on colour on the fella - and that proved trickier than i thought it'd be to find a decent reference pic.
Seems that all painted Warriors tales have the Art Droid experimenting with lighting effects on all the Robots, Joe especially.
Meaning no two shots of are quite the same.
Anyway, finally decided what route to go and put this shade of mettalic blue on.
Trouble is, its a lot darker than the glare is making it out here to be. Look for the colour in the deeper recesses and that's what its like.
Next step then is an overspray with a lighter shade.

Nurgle Titan - head

Been thinking about the head for the Titan. Seems to me, the two most common themes for Nurgle are a cyclopian eye and singular horns.
So, thought i'd give my Titan both.
Here's the start. Its half a clear ball that a toy came in from one of those vending machines, that has four holes in the centre. These will be the viewports, oozing slime.
Its not too clear here, but i've glued it to a ribbed section of Plasticard that'll fit into the recess for it on the main hull, setting it at an angle so it points downwards somewhat rather than have it boringly pointed straight ahead.
That leaves a gap at the back and i'll be filling that with layers of thin strips of Plasticard, giving it a ribbed neck apperance.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Joe Pineapples - grey

So, all parts are cleaned up, washed, assembled and primed.
I'm keeping off and painting seperately the left arm, gun, knife and scabbard.

Nurgle Titan - legs

Here we have the legs, which i'm making from Plasticard rather than card, as i need them to be nice and strong to suport all that weight of the main hull.
I'm in the process of adding ribbed Plasticard and Plastruct tubing for details, along with yet more Cable Ties.
And i'm adding some poxy areas, which is just Vallejo Modelling Paste, picked at with a cocktail stick.
The tube will be the joining piece between the leg and the waist, capped with a chrome truck wheel half.

Friday, 15 July 2011

John Carter trailer

Big fan of the books and, especially, the 70's Marvel comics version. But the trailer is a bit "hmmm... its okay":

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Joe Pineapples - turning blue

With the left arm kept off till the end, figure it'll be a good idea to experiment with colours.
That's harder than i thought as most artists that paint Joe usually use the ABC Warriors to experiment with refelctive light effects and shadings.
He's usually shown as a sometimes metallic blue, sometimes metallic blue affair.
So, went off to Halfords and bought a can of "Ford Azure Blue". That's a lovely shade - but a tad dark.
Thinking it won't show up all the luvverly detail, i've oversprayed it with "Caribic Blue", a can i've had laying around for years since i used it once for a Martin Bower recreation.
Luckily, after a good rattle, it came out fine and has done the job i wanted it to.

Sorry about the quality of the pics, but its VERY shiny.

Nurgle Titan - main hull done

Gone about as far as i want with this section. Just need to pox it up now.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Nurgle Titan - much fun

Now, this is MUCH more like it. After the tedium of the feet and legs, its good to get to the best part - detailing up the main hull.
As its a Chaos Titan, nothing needs to be symetrical nor make sense, so i'm bunging on stuff all over the place.
Something i'm delberately doing though is adding rounded shapes. The whole basis is such an angular, blocky thing that i feel i need to add curves to it to break that up a tad.

Joe Pineapples - assembly

Okay, off to a start now. Unlike the Bronze, i'm getting round the tight fit of the gun on the shoulder by keeping the jacket collar on but leaving the left arm off until the end. I'm just in the process of filling some gaps but they're not too bad.
Some things, like the gun knife and sheath, can be left off till the end so here they are primed up.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Joe Pineapples - starting

Bit busier thatn i thought i'd be this morning, so not too much of a start really.
Given everything a good wash and have these two parts on, using Araldite just to be on the safe side.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Big days finally here, so i can at last start on Joe here. Got family stuff taking up today but i start late tomorrow so can kick him off then.
Must admit, i've been sneaking bits of him out of the box the last month to clean them up, so should be able to crack right on.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nurgle Titan - quite a bit of progess

Okay, from the left you have:
Finished feet,
the legs in their seperate sections,
the main hull with right shoulder area,
and the left still in its sub-assemblies