Thursday, 27 August 2009

There's collections and there's collections

Thought i had a lot of stuff, taking up too much room in the house - but this guy takes to a whole new level.
Thing is, if i had the money, i (and, i'm guessing, you) would do EXACTLY the same.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Falke - main colours on

All built up, and what fun it was to do too.
So, on with the painting. There's tons of different schemes i could've used, along with something of my own design, but i've gone with one from out of the excellent Falke Profile book.
So, colours go:

Halfords Grey Plastic Primer.

Two coats of Games Workshop "Gretchin Green" (one of their Foundation range and one i've found complements rust very well. More of that later).

A wash of that mixed with black, applied heavily and messily and allowed to just sit there and dry naturally. Makes for a nice, random, mottled effect.

The camo applied - GW "Catchan Green mixed 50:50 with Chaos Black.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Falke - pilot done

Had great fun painting this fella. Now's he's done i can get him and the cockpit up and into the hull and move on.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Goths In Hot Weather

Coming to you via Little Kid's Blog (cheers LK), a genius site that's made my day:

Falke - building begins

Sat down last night and started assembling. Carried on with that and the painting of the cockpit (has to be built and painted and inserted before the next part of the construction takes place) this morning.
Here's where i am right now. The fella is only red because red primer is all i have right now (bought for the Blakes 7 Pursuit Ship and never used since).
Its going fast as its so easy to build - and a joy to do too.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


This was a Ma.K plane that Kow originally scratchbuilt back in the 80's. There's been resin versions since then but, with the resurgence of interest in the range, Hasewaga have put out an IP kit.
That came out a few months back, just as i was getting burnt out on projects from that universe.
Well and truely back now (you might've noticed...) so, of course, i had to have one.
It landed this morning and... WHAT A WHOPPER!
Truely stunned by the size of the box (note superglue bottle for comparison) and the amount of parts.
Can't wait.

Unkown WF kit

Got this from Jason over on the Ma.K Forum. Its a WF special but, other than that, i know nothing about it. Its obviously a Neuspotter head merged into a lot of other parts.
With legs.
Gonna be fun.

Nostromo - getting there.

Built quite a bit, but also adding lots of panels as the side engines look kinda bare without the mass of them the main body has.
Just bunged on the engines and am now adding the cowls for them.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

SEG-888 Hornet & LT-5 Tank - manning

Here you can see i've put a fleshy colour identification band on the Hornet and also plopped the rider on. While there, i've glued his arms in place so he's gripping the handlebars.
In the background you can see i've put a pilot in the LT-5. He's a Tamiya tank driver i had in the bits box and it was a simple matter of snipping his legs off at the knees (the LT-5 hatch doesn't actually go down inside) and its a bit of luck that his arm rests as it does on the open door.

LT-5 Tank - painting nearly done.

Again, photos not too clear, but here it is based in Tamiya JA Grey, GW Catchan Green mottled on the upper surfaces, then Gretchin Green mottled on top of that.

SEG-888 Hornet - assembled

Stunned by the ulta-fine detail on this here bike. And the assembly was a doddle, with the resin quickly accepting Superglue. Not too apparent here, but its based in Grey Primer and then a Vallejo green/blue/grey mottled on the top.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

LT-5 Tank - that was quick

Removed the casting plugs and flash last night, washed everything this morning, glued it at lunchtime, primed an hour later.
Decided to go with an open top hatch as i plan on having a guy coming out of it to give it scale.

SEG-888 Hornet & LT-5 Tank

Hello there my modelling chums.
Sorry for the delay in posting here, but we've been away on holiday to sunny (for once) Wales.
Came back, and what's this here? Two lovely new projects for me.
Don't know if they're canon or not but they're supposidly from the Ma.K universe, As i say, dunno if that's true but they're lovely designs - so much so that they've made me break from my rule of only 1/20th scale for my Ma.K kits, being 1/35th.
Bonus with that scale is i'll be able to add readily available military kit parts to their scenes.
And the casting too.
AMAZING stuff: tiny, tiny, intricate detail superbly cast. Dead chuffed i got them.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Nice Joker and Catwoman - shame about the rest

Ma.K Probe - progress

Basecoated, stripes added (badly), decaled, pastelled, varnished

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Oh dear, oh dear...

Blimey, each to his own and all that, but this list is SO flawed IMO.

If it was down to me, the top ten would be:

1. War Machine from George Pal's War Of the Worlds
2. Millenium Falcon
3. Liberator from Blakes 7
4. Dragons ship from Space 1999's "Dragons Domain"
5. Nostromo
6. Discovery from "2001"
7. Rebel Blockade Runner from "Star Wars A New Hope"
8. The Tardis
9. Valley Forge from "Silent Running"
10. Alien ship from "UFO"

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ma.K Probe

Been very impressed with folk over on the Ma.K Forum showing scratchbuilds they've done of "craft with odd bits sticking out at angles". So much, thought i'd have a go.
Thing is, what they make look dead easy, isn't.
Very unsure with this but there's no going back - and adding more to it might make it worse.
What its made from is:
body of a wall walking robot,
some sort of medical tube,
a mdeical plunger thing,
orange half egg toy container,
bits from the Airfix SRN4 Hovercraft, a Chinook kits and various others.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Deep Water Hunter - getting worn

All painted and decaled and now the bit i really enjoy - bunging the rust on. Makes quite a difference, as you can tell from the bare, untouched area forward of the 06.