Friday, 28 March 2008

Star Fury - finished

Here she is then.

Don't know why, but once i'd put the decals on it became a real chore to finish. Anyway, all done know and i'm pretty pleased with how its come out.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Probeship - assembled

Apologies to anyone who pops in here for progress on stuff and not seen owt.

Been kinda busy with the mundane things plus there has been progress on all my projects - just nothing worth photographing.

Here though is my Probeship.

You might think its a bit sparce on detail but, once painted up, i plan on putting additonal fuel tanks, either long tubes on the underside or a series of domes going right round. And painting undr them would be a nightmare so am going this way.

haven't decided what colour to go yet, thinking of yellow and black.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Martin Bower

Bit of a plug here:

"Martin Bower's World Of Models" is to be an on-going magazine devoted to the craft, dioramas and props created by Martin over the last 30+ years.
Unlike articles up till now, these are totally written by Martin and are THE most indepth accounts of how a subject is created - from the initial idea through construction, painting and weathering.
Written with the modeller in mind, the magazines will build up into the definitive reference works of his work.Each issue will have at least three articles, most featuring exclusive never seen before photos (the article on the Battlecruiser from Space 1999's "Last Enemy" will have photos that Martin himself had not seen since 1969 and completely forgotten!).
The negatives of the photos have been cleaned up and are the purist and clearest that they've ever been.
The first issue is being put together now, the initial trail mock-up cover is in the link below, and will have three LARGE articles plus some bonus features.One of which will be a "Ask Martin" piece.This is a chance for you to have any questions on Martin's work answered by Martin himself.
Simply send your question via SFMUK (again, details in the link) and hopefully you'll be in print in a subsequent issue!
Thanks for your time!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Star Fury - based and decaled

In the end i went with a Vallejo green/blue/grey.

It was with some trepidation i put the decals on - the instructions would have you gloss everything, dip them in water for 5 seconds only, leave for 20 seconds before putting on.

It also advises caution if using a decal softner as they were untried.

Figured i'd have to use some though to get the girlie to go with the change in hull shapes. So put on a layer of Humbrol Decal Set before putting her down.

And it worked a treat.


Friday, 14 March 2008

Star Fury - oh dear...

So, get the kit all finished and primed up in Halfords Grey Plastic Primer. Thoughts turn then to how to paint it. The main factor in that is the decal set that i'd got from Starship Modeller.

I really like it - but had a fear that it won't stand out too well with the grey primer.

So, overspray the grey with white.

So far so good.

While looking at Star Furies that other folk had made, i really liked how some had painted up the engine's in a different colour. So thought i'd have a go - but what colour? The witch has orange and black tights so figured i'd carry that through.

So, painted them orange as you can see here. Very cartoon -like but figured it'd look better dirtied down...

Give the engines a wash of black and really liked how the engine's turned out.

But - the orange looked rubbish.

So, going to spray it white again and have a rethink.

Derelict - engines done

Thanks to the spare Star Fury i have, the engine area is pretty much done.

As you can see, i've used an EMA cone for the basis, bunged in a Plasticard plate and then the nozzles on top. Just got to put a few tiny greeblies in to busy it up a bit.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

"My God - its full of Star... Furies"

Bit into Babylon 5 at the moment (ploughing through the series 3 box set at the mo', which is hard work - the CGI is VERY dated and the soap element more annoying than i remembered it).

Fancied a Star Fury as i've never built one before and ended up buying a job lot.

What i have here is a partially built one (which is first on the agenda), a partially built Omega version (which i'll finish), a sealed ltd edition version and a bog standard sealed version (which i'm gonna cannabilise for my Derelict)

Sunday, 9 March 2008


So, i'm bored. Need new tiny kitbits for the Tanks legs, waiting for parts for the Powered Suit, inks drying on the base for it and the Postie never delivered the kits i need to carry on with the Derelict.

But still want to build something. So knocked this up last night.

The front is the cap off of a Lenor bottle with a Tau ship bit stuck on front and the red thing is from the kids toy box. I've put some panelling around the far end.

The engine section is something i've had lying around for a long time. I'd had it all built and detailed ready for a project that i then gave up on. Bonus is the kit bits are already on and it fits snugly into:

the centre section. A tube from a hamster exercise expansion range. These are great - very cheap and styrene too. Downside is that the lovely spaced ridging is on the inside so you can see i've started putting on panel lines to busy it up a bit.

I'm thinking of keeping detailing to a minimum as i plan on fitting external tanks to the hull at some point.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Powered Suit - new Bug

Wasn't happy with how the old one was going, so here we have my final version. Quite like the big chin i've given him.

Tank - legs nearly done

I was originally going to just put panelling on the sides of the legs before attaching to the hull, but i'm nervous about the very small attaching points when they go on and don't want to handle the craft too much.

So here i am detailing all three and covering up the joins between plates of Plasticard. The very big gaps on each of the middle areas will be covered by a brass etch assembly i have in mind to use.