Monday, 23 April 2007

Real old Judge Anderson

Picked this up from Salute on saturday for a fiver.

She's one of the whopping great 40mm (?) figures Citadel produced through Forbidden Planet back in the early 80's.

Face is a bit duff but the pose is nice (based on a Brett Ewins pose?) and she is after all a bit of history.

I was gonna repaint straight over but there's some sort of blemish on her cheeks (facial) so its out with the paint stripper.

Expect an update soon

Friday, 20 April 2007

Sov-Cit Judge (1)

Okay, my Judge Anderson just isn't panning out. Its not just the skin tones i'm not happy with - the pose is a bit naff innit?

So, my plan is:

This here is my vinyl Iria kit. She same with a seperate, cloaked torso which is sitting in my bits box doing nothing.

I sever Anderson's head and shoulder pads and glue the new head on, then remove the Eagle belt buckle and put on mebbe a hammer and sickle design?

Right, out with the scalpel...

Sky 1 from UFO

Cool ship but a bit of nightmare kit. It's by Imai and back when these were first produced they had all sorts of toy features.

So it was a bit of a slog filling in trigger slots, missile holes etc.

Pleased with the paintjob, which i weathered with pastels.


The Gunner version on the left is a resin kit by Reshape - and a bloody nightmare to build.

The standard on the right is the Comet IP version, which had problems - but a breeze compared to its neighbour.

Galactica Mining Ship

Tiny model this - its in scale with the old Monogram Battlestar - but its always been my favourite of all the craft on the show.

Despite the size the detail is incredible

Wednesday, 18 April 2007


This is the vinyl kit but i never liked the sideways look and... no hammer!

So, cut off the head at the base of the neck and moved it round to the front, hiding the massive gaps made with small bits of wire and plastic flex. Moved his right arm round and down, cutting off the hand and sticking on a hammer made from Super Sculpy over a Plasticard former. The gun is made from an old Macross kit.

Halcyon Judge Anderson

Lovely kit - but i don't like it. This is the third attempt at the skin tones and i'm never happy with it. The one here is better than the pic makes out but its still not right.

I'm gonna have another go but if that doesn't work then there's gonna be some serious decapitating and she's becoming a Sov-Cit Judge

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Slaine and Ukko

Had a lot of fun here. The tartan was a bit of a pain though.

Base is a cut down shelf, Polyfilla mixed with scatter material for the ground and a twig for the tree.

Sov-Cit Judge

Real pleased how this came out, especially the snow.

Johnny Alpha

Here we go with some more of my Foundry figs. This is the first one of Alpha they produced.

Foundry's Nemesis

Nice accurate sculpt but woefully out of scale to the Torquemada and ABC Warriors figures so there goes a diorama.

Chthulu bust

Lovely bit of sculpting this and i had to have one as soon as i saw it.

Bit of a puzzle as to what to do for the colour scheme but in the end went for this pale look.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Baaaaaad Judge Death

This is the Halycon kit.

Never liked the arms outstretched, calling to the sky pose, so took it upon myself to change it.

In my defence, it was a long time back and i'd only started sculpting stuff (hence the hideous jaw).

Still like the colour scheme though

Halcyon Judge Dredd

Got this when it first came out and i was just chuffed that there was a commercially available Dredd kit.

Now, all these years later, with all the advancements in kit production, i look at it and... that's a baaaad pose.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Judge Dredd bust

Massive HEAVY bust of chinface and the four Dark Judges.

He's 1/4 scale and is a huge foot tall.

The sculptor has nailed the older, knarled Dredd.

A joy to paint - the only trouble being the "lightning flashes" on the visor. Its not till i starting researching them that i realised there's so many different versions.

Got a whole new respect for the artists too when i went to paint them on

Biog update

So, i'm really having trouble with this.

First colour scheme - decide to go with the Progs whitey/blue tones. Looks crap.

Second - go with a dark flesh then highlighted to bring out the detail. Too brown.

Third - drybrush the hell out of it to get rid of the brown. Use Games Workshop Rotting Flesh followed by Bleached Bone. Too stark a contrast between the highs and lows.

Fourth - tone down the highlights with a red/green ink wash.

That's got me to where i am now - a sort of boiled flesh effect. That's starting to work so i'll persevere.

Update soon.

Strontium Dogs

Wish Foundry would pull their fingers out and produce more of the characters

Judges Anderson and Omar

And here we have an example of Foundry not being good with faces - Cassandra should be prettier than this

Brit Cit Judge

Again, from Foundry Minatures.

Figures like these, with not much in the way of facial features, are the better of the 2000 AD range

Mean Machine close-up

Here you go.

I mean, psychotic or what?

Me and the General

Come across this in my Photobucket album. Put it here to show just what a whopper he is.

Dan Dare Biog

Thought i'd have a go at the owner of the Living Axe below.

Decided to go with just a bust as (a) i don't have enough clay for a full figure and (b) i'm not keen on attempting its solar panel abs, chicken that i am.

I'll be updating on this regularly as i'm having trouble with the colour scheme...

Mean Machine fridge magnet

Tank Girl

Stunning work this - absoultely exactly as the Hewlett pin-up its based on.

1/6th scale garage kit.

War Of The Worlds Martian

Tried as best to follow Wells' description - which is pretty difficult as he's in turns vague and contradictory.

Took my cue from D'Israelli's Scarlet Traces version and set the eyes quite far apart.

He's made from Super Sculpy over a ball of tinfoil, the figures are 1/35th shop bought figures as is the brickwork

Mean Machine

Stunning 1/6th garage kit by Martin Herrick that i built about 4 years ago.

Mean is exactly right, the lizard less so, being a bit too cartoony.

He's difficult to photograph because of the leaning pose and this one really doesn't do it justice. I might post a face close-up later

General Blackblood

By far the biggest thing i've made - he's lifesize (!) so i had to make a whole new shelf system to take him...

Painting was a challenge: a little squirt of primer? Try half a can. Ditto the metallic green. And away went the piddly little brushes and out with 1 inchers.

Took liberties with the colours - no WAY was i'm having him in cream and white so went with a moody black/grey.

Think the greens just right, altough Clint Langleys version in recent Progs has started me thinking i should go the oily steel way

Foundry Minatures Torquemada

Again, too fuzzy an image, but figure is spot on

Foundry Minatures Deathlock

Apologies for blurriness of the pic. Even so, its easy to see that the sculpt is spot on. Tried going for a Kev Walker style in the painting

Living Axe close-up

Here he is a bit clearer.

He's made from Das Pronto over a coathanger and bacofoil frame, with cut-down cocktail sticks for teeth.

Painted in Games Workshop acrylics.

Biog Living Axe

Here we go with something i've just finished.

Fans from the earliest days of 2000 AD hopefully should recognise this as the bad guys weapon from the very first Dan Dare tale in the Prog.

I had to use some existing license here as the "blade" area in the comic is metal - and that's beyond me - and the colour scheme is meant to be blue ("meant" might be the wrong word. Could be the colourist just trying something different), but i figure, if its a living axe, i might as well and try and make it look living.