Monday, 30 December 2013

Nurgle Dragon

I was in our local toy shop with our Sprogs and i stumbled on a toy range of dragons from the TV show off-shoot of "How To Train Your Dragon".
What caught my eye was this fella, obviously based on one of those truly bizarre very deep water fishes.

Love those, so love this and it got me to thinking "would be nice to repaint that."
Followed swiftly by "I could make it a Nurgle beastie - have a rider up top".
Followed by "You've not made anything Games Workshop for ages, and you really should pull your finger out and make more things to sell."
Obeying my inner voice, i added him to the shopping list.
Getting him home and taking him out the box, he does have potential - its a nice sculpt, with lots of nice detail, which is not very apparent with its existing colour scheme.
Out of the box though it became apparent that something would have to be done about the wings.
He's got no arms or legs at all, just a mouth with a tail really and that's fine - can seeing it sweeping over a battlefield gulping down the enemy. But not on those wings, far too tiny. And far too bendy - nothing i could do would straighten them out.
So the wings will have to go and you can see i've made a start on the substitutes: two pieces of coat hanger wire, with paper clip inner fingers.

I've also started thinking about the rider and a good delve in a bits box got me this partially painted metal guy that a friend gave me yonks ago, with new plastic arms i've just stuck on.
He'll be sitting up top, covering up the whole i'll be making once i've removed the control to make the toy move its inner teeth.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

From The Back Of The Cabinet - The Thing From Another World

"The Thing" is one of those rare things... Actually, no - the ONLY thing i can think of where i love an original version and the remake in equal measures, and for the same reasons too, even though they're 30 years apart and differ enormously in techniques and production.
Never owned any creature designs from the John Carpenter version aside from the McFarlene action figures, but i do have James Arness from the original.
Painting a character that's from a black & white film is always a challenge, but this fella was easy as i just took my cues for skin and eye colours from the novella. And i went with green blood, what with him being a vegetable and all.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Spoon Ship - all finished

Okay, here she is with the metallics on, dirty and rusty washes applied, and all finished.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Spoonship - at last some progress

Had this shunted off to one side, but i've done a bit more the last few days as you can see.
Black Go-Fasta stripes to tidy up the green bands, some more of them for added blackness, decals applied, pastelled and dirtied down, and a nice coat of Matt Varnish to dull things down.
Next up, put on the metallics, then dark washes to stop things looking, well, pastelly.