Monday, 31 December 2012

Mark MK6 - nearly there now

Okay, so that's the underside attached and you can also see i've bunged on an engine bell at the rear. Can't for the life remember what it is - its certainly not a kit piece as its some sort of bendy plastic.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Merry Christmas to me - Hornethopter

Well, hope y'all having a great Christmas and you all got what you asked Santa for. I did - eventually. My Wife ordered me this Bad Boy and i'd had it on pre-order for quite a while and it shipped on the 12th, so hoped it'd arrive in time. It didn't, but at least it came on day after Boxing Day:
Wow is all i can say. Just wow. Lovely packaging artwork on the back:
And, on the underside of that, is the very clear instruction sheet:
Open the box and everything i've heard about FichtenFoo was born out - BRILLIANT, flawless resin castings and fantastic brass etch work:
This is going to be a joy to build. Its quite small, being 1/35th scale and my thought while it was on its way that i make it as an alternative WW2 vehicle, but i really like the box blurb about it being the "scourge of the dirigibles" and so will go with the intended Steampunk setting. I may use figures that Industria Mechanika produce or, if i don't fancy another long wait from the States, try and source military figures readily availaible over here that i can adapt in some way.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mark MK6 - bottom

Figure there's two ways i could go about the working section of this here craft: (1) Continue the whole wing-theme that's been going on and have another one hanging down in the middle, or (2) Go completely different - maybe a nice, blocky shape? Thought another wing would be too much, so have decided to go with the latter. First up though, was to cover up the gaping whole on the underside which, of course was the cockpit area when it was up the right way. For that i've used a bit from, i think, the Airfix Refueling set for a blanking plate to attach things to:
Looking around for a contrasting, blocking shape, i'm going with the turret from off the toy tank i used for the Weirdboy Tower:
With the barrel taken out, i had to put on something as a spacer to allow the engine bell to attach square to the rest of it. The yellow bit is from a Tamiya tank piece along with the cowling from a 1/72nd bomber as the basis. Into them'll go the actual engine bell. You can also see i've started on the now customary sticks gems for blooby detail:
And here we are this morning, a few more bits from Mark's sprues for detailing at the front - that wheel part is in mid dropping off as i took the photo:

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Slug! All gooey

Okay, in an effort to stop it looking like white dog poo, i've gone for a sickly, ripped apart scheme. Also, as i've based it on a slug, i thought some slime might be in order for it to drool and dribble. That was easy - when all the painting was over, just drizzle freshly melted Hot Glue over the jaw area and, when set, tint it with clear paint.
Up on eBay right now if anyone's interested?

Saturday, 8 December 2012

the Mark MK6 - progress

Okay, so here's the little stubby wings on:
Looking at it, its far too top heavy and far too much all at the front and i've got to address that. Figure i'll build the body at the back to give it more of a rear and make the top fin more central, and have the engines underneath to bulk it out down there. Looking around for a shape for the rear section, i've decided to go with this tiny 'copter:
Turned upside-down and with its nose cut off to make for a better fit:

Batman Chess Set - Red Robin, Huntress & the Bat-Signal

Big, big box arrived and in it these three beauties. I'm not doing anything to any of them - Red Robin's red is metallic but not very noticible, Huntress' is a tad garish but it works at this scale, and the bonus Batman on Bat-Signal hasn't any metallic to it at all. And a very nice sculpt it is too.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

the Mark MK6

I'm VERY indebetted to top bloke Mark McGee for very kindly suppling me with a whole boxfull of sprues to replenish my Bits Box:
There's tons of interesting shapes and things, including this ball thing, which screams Star Wars Probe Droid to me, and am sure i will do:
But it was finding this aircraft body and wing that i was drawn to:
That lovely curved tail really looks like the prow of a ship to me, and that wing, if upright, would make for a heck of a sail sort of shape:
And the whole thing would be done in a Ma.K/Dust sort of style, and be called the Mark MK6 as a nod to its supplier. Okay, lets go then. As i was cleaning up the parts, it came to me that it would be a nice challenge to try and do the whole thing using parts that Mark suppied, so that's what i'm doing. Here you can see i've got the wing upright. Sandwiched between that and the body is that grey part, which i've put there as it comes with a couple of stubby wings, which i'll be putting on either side:


Had a lump of air-drying clay that was going off fast, so quickly had a go at it and came up with this - its a Chaos Spawn, a kind of a slug creature that bursts out from the ground to attack, arther like the beasties in "Tremors":

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Saturday, 1 December 2012


With my Son planning on all sorts of devices to bung at me, figure i'll be needing some artillery of me own. With Chaos, that's this here Hellcannon - a lovely device where you feed dead bodies in the back, the souls are extracted then fired out the front. I was thinking of making one of my own, but this built and primed in black one was going cheap on the 'Bay, so i got it:
I plopped some Nurglins up top to show that's its a Nurgle weapon and, after putting on a dusting of white so i could see the details better, i started on the metals first. I'm going for a "so rusty, you'll catch something from just touching it" kind of look and i'm pretty happy so far. I'm waiting to see how it looks with the other areas before deciding whether to do more: