Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Batman in Warhammer 40K

Was having a rummage at the back of a drawer for some rubber bands and i came across this very chipped, very beat-up model i did back in the 80's.
I had the idea that an Eldar faction came across a Batman comic, thought it was real, venerated him as a God and adopted his blue and yellow as their colour scheme.
And adorned their craft with images of him.
Daft but i still like it

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Nurgle Titan - 1st foot nearly done

As you can see, there's been more progress - adding panels, details and the ankle piece.
Some of the details i've used in this spurt are chairs from the SRN4 Hovercraft turned upside down for linking pieces to two sections (ta for that tip Martin Bower) and Baco Bricks for the side bit (ditto)
I've got round what to use for the sides of the sections that join the toes to the foot, a staple of a lot of my scratchbuilding projects - cut-down cable ties.
Cheap, nicely detailed, come in a variety of sizes and stick instantly with Superglue, they're great for adding detail to flat surfaces.
You can see i'm adding two per side and there's just enough space underneath them to add some thin piping to finish them off.
Oh, and i will be adding pistons to the upper surfaces of these sections just as soon as i've put on the shin section

Friday, 24 June 2011

Nurgle Titan - toes

Okay, clad all the pieces in Plasticard and here i've started detailing the toes up. They're all going to sit quite close to each other so i've decided to do each before attaching to the foot. Although i'm using the Warhound templates just as a starting block and it'll end up as a unique Nurgle Titan, which means i can do what i like rather than slavishly replicating things, i've run into a bit of a prob.
As chaotic as Chaos is, i figure there's got to be an element of logic to it.
What i'm getting at is the sections that join the toes to the foot. I want them to be detailed and functional, which would be easy. But i'll need to duplicate the detail on each one or it'll look daft.
So, sticking point is to find detail pieces that i've 16 of (2 sets per toe). Only thing i know right now i've got are the blue rods you see attached, which are cut down Ker Plunk sticks

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Warhound Titan

Have always loved Games Workshops Titans, their version of the Walkers from Empire Strikes Back, and i'd love one to be in scale with their 28mm figures.
But even their smallest versions are hundreds of pounds, so that's out.
But stumbled across a site that has a PDF of templates for one of the smaller craft - a Warhound, which seats a crew of three up in that head.
So, have printed out the templates been transferring them to comic backing boards as its a supply of card i've got plenty of and has the bonus of sticking instantly with Superglue. Trouble is, they don't go together too well and i'm left with this pile of crude, gappy shapes - which is a shame as all this effort, which has been a right old slog, is just for the toes and feet. So, next step is to clad them all with Plasticard, which make things look a lot tidier and make things far stronger to take the weight of the legs and the

Friday, 17 June 2011

John Carter concept art

Many thanks to The Bronze for putting me on to this.
The films been a real long time coming, something i've been looking forward to as a fan of the books and the 70's Matvel comic with lovely Gil Kane art, and now its edging even nearer.
LOVE that almost M.a.K looking flyer design and the cityscape with the rusty red Mars hues.
Can't wait.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Frank Kelly Freas

One of the eyeopeners of the SF art book is the work of Frank. I was vaguely aware of his name, but wasn't aware of just how much terrific work he'd done.
Alas, the best in the book doesn't seem to be around on the Net but these should give you an idea.
I've know of the green bloke and the robot that Queen "homaged" for one of their covers, but the rest as been a very pleasent delight

Pingpong ship - well underway

One of things i like about doing Nurgle things is that they not only seem to build themselves, but paint themselves too.
So here she is then.
On the top sections, as well as the yoyo halves, you've got a few kit bits and more of those sticky gems for blobby detail.
On the underside you have a biro body for the engine, an engine bell from out of the spares box and a whole heap of kit parts to make the bulky main body section. Observant of you will spot the X Wing rear section as the biggest part. I've also added some tubing to make the detail a bit more 3D.
And here i've finsihed with the main painting:
grey primer
Catachen Green
Gretchin Green roughly splodged over
metallics picked out
light pastelling

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A 10 minute Chaos Spawn

Had a lump of Green Stuff left over and didn't want it to go to waste, so plopped it down on a base, had a fiddle, then added limbs from the Spawn box set, legs from the Starship Trooper Bug set, a big eye for the head, a bigger eye for in the tummy and cut down (sharp!) pins for spikes around the tummy eye and down the back.

Samuel Killa Kan

First one done, face & weapons & legs chosen by my Son.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Champion Of Nurgle - underway

What a lovely lil' fella he is - full of character and pretty much painting himself. The face took no time at all and the armour is coming along nicely, taking to drybrushing brilliantly.

Pingpong ship - started

So here we are: I've put in two small Plasticard triangles that are the right angle to make the hull sides be spaced the right way.
And i've layed in a bog standard Biro as the main engine section.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Sci-Fi Art A Graphic History

Just got this book and would recommend it to anyone into SF design work.
It starts from the illustrations for the likes of the original printings of Wells and Verne, up through the pulp covers of the 30's to 50's, comic art (including 2000AD), preproduction art of film and telly, promotional art for films, SF paperback covers and on and on and on.
Only downside is its quite small to show off all the brilliant art, and the binding ain't too good.
But, an insperational read.

Ork Dreadnought - starting

Okay, finally got started on this. You can see i've cut out the viewing port area, put the blast sheild in and added the look-out tower and back chassis.
I've also added a small gauge cable tie to the bottom of the viewing port as i wasn't exactly accurate in cutting a straight line here and this disguises it.

Champion Of Nurgle

Chuffed to bits to have been asked to make 3 more of those Pingpong creatures for someone.
For them though, i need more acrylic rod (not a prob off eBay) and 60mm bases. Problem.
Games Workshop only do free shipping over a tenner and a pack of them is nowhere near that, so had to look for something quite cheap that'd take me over the £10.00 mark.
So went with this chap, who i've wanted for years now.
The parcel turned up today and here he is assembled and in Grey Primer.
Stunning detail for such a small fella.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Joe Pineapples

Quite a while back, this stunning sculpt of 2000AD's coolest ABC Warrior Joe Pineapples appeared on the 2000AD Forum.
Chuffed to bits that its finally available as a kit and got mine from Graham today. Its a lovely piece of work by the guy, who's also gone to the trouble of supplying it with some Milliput should i need it.
What a great gesture, that makes me appreciate it even more.
Only downside - its a birthday pressie - and i can't start on it till next month 8/

New pinpong build

Long time readers of this Bog might remember waaay back how i took part in a 15 minute challenge where folk had to make something using a pingpong ball in only the 15 minutes.
This is what i came up with, finished after the contest in M.a.K colours.
Well, go to thinking that shape ship could pass for a Nurgle ship. Don't want to sell my original as i still really like it, so am making another.
Here's the start - the two hull halves cut from Plasticard but, as i'm making it with a view to posting it, i need something sturdier for the balls, so am using two halves of a Yo-Yo.

Cruise Martian - finished

As i say, taken liberties with the colour scheme - but prefer it this way.

Ork Dreadnought

So, here we go with making a bigger version of those Killa Kans.
The main part of the R2D2 body you can see i've started to cut the viewport out.
If i wasn't selling it, i might have been tempted to build an interior, but i'm not so have to disguise the empty space somehow. Doesn't strike me as accurate the Orks might have windows so i'm getting around it by putting in a blast shield across the opening, which is the Plasticard strip with holes drilled in it.
All the Kans have functional stuff on their backs, which the chimmney comes out of so this yellow piece - a cut-down chassis from a truck kit - will be going on the back.
And that's the cut-down Shuttle rocket which'll be going up top for a viewing tower.

Monday, 6 June 2011

SHAKARA! -all done

Killa Kans - ready for rust

Here they all are painted up, with metallics picked out and just about ready for rust, and you can see just how well detailed each one is.
By the way, they're called Samuel, Alice and Harriet, the names of my children and each one has chosen the face, legs and weapons for theirs.

Land Raider - cockpit done.

Just fiishing this off and its been more difficult than i thought it'd be - the silver palstic doesn't take paint at all, despite washing and priming properly, it flakes off with the barest of touches.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

SHAKARA! - chains done

Henry said they should be battleship grey with lots of rust and oil - so here we go

Cruise Martian - base done

Just about done with the base - and what a slog its been picking out those flamin' tendrils

Friday, 3 June 2011

Nurgle Probe - done

Here he is then and i've gone with a "freshly exposed intestines" look for the dangly bits this time.

Tyranid Shrike

Was having a Tyranid phase a while back and, while doing so, had a trawl through the 'Bay when i came across a real wasp-like critter advertised as a not yet available Shrike model so this will do.
So got one.
Arrived yesterday and: first thought - its small. Second thought - i recognise that fella, its a flying bug from the Starship Troopers miniatures range. Third thought - aw no, i've bought a dodgy recast.
But then looked further and it is an original from that range and may be small but the detail is incredible, part fit too (they all just push in and need no glue at all) so i'm a happy bunny.