Friday, 31 July 2015

Artmor Project 3 - distressed

So here's all the seperate parts of the Artmor Project suitably nibbled and distressed.
That's all i need to do right now, the next step is regular painting of the pieces - i go off at 90 degrees after that stage, when i start adding "a certain something..."

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Judge Fear - starting on the cape

With the the Velcro sewn onto Judge Fear's shoulders, i've now got to turn to t'other end.
I've snipped at the bottom and put in irregular tears here and there.
I've not gone as overboard as Cliff Robinson did in this poster, figuring it'd be easier to take away further down the line, rather than regretting that i've taken too much off.
Next up, taking it to work tomorrow to trail it through the dust - but not while wearing. Got to think of the neighbours.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Artmor Project 3 - getting started

Okay, that's the first section of the armour for the Artmor Project done.
I've added the two slots for Boba Fett's LED display thing, and i've removed bits of the edges, giving a clue as to where i'm going with things this time.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Judge Fear - lighting up

So i'm back to address the problem of how to light up Judge Fear's helmet without blinding myself in the process.
I've gone with point the LED strips straight out, so this here is one side cut and soldered in place (they're so bright, the glare is making them look yellow, but they ARE red).
Once i roughly taped them into place i was nicely surprised at how little light is bouncing back when i put it on - and there'll be pretty much none once i've covered them over inside with reflective card.
Of course, i still need to diffuse the light and, for that, i'm using a material recommended to me - that odd, tissue paper-like packing material. I've found three layers diffuses the light very well, eliminating any pinpoints of light.
The one remaining head-scratcher is - will the diffuser diffuse the light enough to cover up the fact there's no light whee i see out, as you can tell in the far right of the slot here.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Judge Fear - hands done

Give the guy a hand!
With multiple washes and a lot of drybrushing, i've managed to get rid of the purple airbrushing on Judge Fear's hands and had great fun making them look dead, diseased and a bit rotten.
And now having fun matching the feet to them.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Artmor Project 3 - getting ready

So, the artmor pieces are laid out with rough outlines out where i want to make it more like Bobba's and - clue here - where i want to loose pieces.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Judge Fear - hands

Been a while since there's been an update on my Judge Fear, mainly because of the balls-up on the hands.
I tried to recover the mess i'd made of mixing latex with paint to give me a flexible new basecoat by wiping wiping the sticky gloop off.
But that was tedious and VERY slow going, so i decided to jack them in a get new one's from another supplier.
They arrived and had nicer, much longer fingers but were a hideous violet in colour and far too small for me.
So i've nixed that plan, gone back to square one and wiped most of the muck off, which had a bonus effect of staing them quite nicely.
I've started on redoing the nails, and next its the veins.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Artmor Project 3

Its that time of year again!
For the third year running, the Artmor Project is a go and i'm very pleased to be asked to take part again.
For those not here last time, the idea is that folk are given a set of blank Mandalorian chest plates and go off and produce a one of a kind item, that is returned and put into the Artmor Charity Auction, where folk can bid, win and hopefully raise loads of dosh for the very worthy cause.
Pic 1: So, these are the plates as they arrive.
Pic 2: This is what i did the first year - used it as a basis for a Jawa vs Sandpeople diorama
Pic 3: Last year i based it on "John Carpenters The Thing".
This year though i'm planning on staying far truer to the source, i won't say what right now but will trickle feed clues as i go :)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Judge Fear - cape

The cape has arrived and it a really nice job - nice, thinish cotton (which, crucially, will keep the weight of the outfit down), allowance has been made like i asked for bonus material to accomodate the shoulder pads and its been left lovely and far too long to allow me to experiment with trimming it to size and ripping the bottom and putting holes in it.
Photos show me:
1. Just wearing it,
2. Looking very Quasimodo-like with a space shoulder pad stuffed under,
3. And still Quasi with the proper pad in place