Sunday, 9 February 2014

Nurgle Dragon - all done

Here we go then with my finished Nurgle Dragon.
Had a blast with this build and, to make him more appealing to the Games Workshop crowd, i've stuck him on an authentic GW flying base.

Tyranid Haruspex - fleshy bits

Here's the fella with arms only Blu Tac'd on (i'll be taking them off till the end for ease of painting) and primed in Halfords White:

Based in a regular flesh tone:

Finished in only washes to accentuate all the lovely detail:

First pass on the icky bits:

And all the icky bits done, eyes done, and hard plating based:

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Tusken Raider Respirator - finished

Been a while in finishing this as it took much longer than i thought it'd do to track down some dark brown leather-look vinyl.
But here it is and attached:

Tyranid Haruspex

With me and my Son deeply into Space Hulk and busy populating it with various Tyranid beasties, we thought it'd be nice to get one of the newly released figures.
And i've gone with the Haruspex as its habit of its insides spilling out as it shoots out its tongue to grab its prey really appeals to me.
So, in the usual box, you get two sprues and the usual photo instructions that are confusing because they are photos and not line drawings:

Anyway, its a lovely kit to put together despite the head scratching over part placement in a few places - in 15 mins i had this done, a lovely intricate body and legs. 23 pieces went to into getting me to this point:

And the head alone has 10 pieces to it. Lovely stuff.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nurgle Fridge Magnet

When using air-drying clay, i always seem to end up with a lump left over, drying out fast, and too far gone to put back in the pack.
Rather than just chuck it away, i have a play around with it, pummeling and kneading it, using it almost like a rorshach test, looking to what develops.
When i see something i either leave it at that, or do a few adjustments to make it more into what its reminded me of.
Case point here - saw a big-jawed, pointy headed face, with space for three eyes.
So that's what i did, adding beads for eyes, cocktail sticks for teeth, and a specially created tongue for the mouth.
Last pics are of him done and he's just about to go on eBay as a nightmare fridge magnet.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Tyranid Venomthrope

With our Son deeply into Space Hulk at the moment, i'm looking ahead to a time when we've exhausted all the 1989 scenarios and will have to come up with our own.
As the Genestealer race is now known as Tyranids, with all sorts of various types, i've got to start getting in miniatures for it.
Latest is the Venomthrope, a lovely, tentacled beastie, a bit like the Forge World Beastie i've already got.
Difference between this new one and the old one is part fit - shockingly bad. Games Workshop, please do something about quality control with your Fine Cast range.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Gaffi Stick - nearly there

Right, getting there now with the Gaffi Stick.
The thinner front pole is a 35mm curtain rail cut to size.
I cut four grooves right near the top and stuck in the fins. For their shape i just went with what i thought looked right as they do vary from prop to prop and film to film.
Then i used Impact Adhesive along the join between them and the pole to get that distinctive welding look on the originals.
The point itself caused some head scratching - i didn't want it too sharp and dangerous and i wanted to keep it nice and light.
In the end i went with this wooden "Dibber" from the gardening section.
And i covered up the nuts and bolts i used to attach the pole - does seem that Tusken Raiders can weld fins but haven't mastered that aspect. So i've covered them with Green Stuff and hopefully they'll end up looking like real Medieval style rivets.
Second pic is that area primed in Black, based in Gunmetal, then a light dusting of Aluminium.
Next up, a very light weathering - seems from pics that the sand People keep their weapons clean (so to speak)