Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Star Wars Hanger Build

Wow! For a while now, folk over on the SFMUK Site have been prepping for last weekends Crew Model show and the biggest build challenge so far - help to fill a hanger with all manner of Star Wars craft. The idea was that it be a Rebel hanger, maybe on a planet, maybe on a Starship, so would be filled with all manner of good guy ships. Scale decided on was 1/72nd as there's plenty of readily available kits out there, notably Fine Molds. And, boy, did folk deliver the goods, filling the HUGE hanger that Alun had so amazingly constructed with all manner of craft, crew and Droids, there's even a captured TIE Fighter and Probe Droid too. Alas, i couldn't make the show but i have the honour of my Falcon and green-livery X-Wing in there amongst the fine work. Tons more detailed photos can be found here:

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Leif Eriksson said...

Impressive. Most impressive.