Friday, 8 February 2013

Nurgle Lord - a step back, then a step forward

Well, that was a failure. I'd painting the armour of my Nurgle Lord in Silver as i then planned on putting on Tamiya Clear Green. Partly because i wanted a change from my usual colours for this lot, but also to distinguish him from the rest, that even rotten and diseased and poxed up, there would still be a bit of opulance about him. Didn't work:
It ended up looking like i'd used car paint on it. Oh well, back to the usual then:

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Jessica Pink said...

wow! that top pic is.. 'interesting' the armour colour would likely work for tzeentch or maybe slaanesh?
It is a beautiful model. a modern classic if you will... I'm looking forward to getting on with mine soonish =)