Friday, 1 February 2013

Mangler Squigs - bits to show you.

The beasties are nearly done now. Its one of those projects that seem to paint themselves and everything goes very well and very fast. As i say, nearly done now and i thought i'd show a couple of things i'm pretty pleased wi8th the top one's eye and tongue:


Jessica Grant said...

hahaa! excellent! they look a lot more vicious in your paint scheme than in red! I hadn't seen the detail of the goblin trying to escape before either!
I am going to painting some of the normal squigs in purple for a necromunda gang, but really aren't yet sure what I'm going to do for the ones in my nightgoblin army?
any way! good day =)

Stygianheart said...

The mangler Squigs look incredible and your paint job is indeed doing them justice...

I'm still considering buying one box to split the two and use them as Giant Cave Squig mounts for a couple of Night Goblin heroes.