Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mangler Squigs - all done

Here's the Bad Boys done then. Had an absolute blast doing these, and they're SO much better than the crappy, caroony box pic would have it. Heartily recommend them to anyone, as they're a neat, different project that really stand out in the cabinet when done.


Jessica Grant said...

really fantastic paintjob! looks wonderful now it's completed =)
hope your son likes it as much too.

Stygianheart said...

Wonderful work, I didn't realise there was so much surface detail on them.

Svyatoslav Karyagin said...

How they in gameplay - don't afraid to break them or they only look like can break any minute (not your model GW design in general)
I want them myself so wondering

Mangamax said...

Ta for your comments folks 8)
Re how they hold up in gameplay, not too bad actually. The instructions say to use Superglue, but that top Squig has only a short plug going from the bottom of his foot into the hole in the lower Squig, plus some of the Goblins are only attached by a couple of chain links.
So i used Araldite Rapid for everything and its made for a nice strong bond.