Monday, 11 February 2013


Desperately trying to keep up with my Son's builds, i've gone out and got this here new Gorebeast. Nice sculpts and an easy enough thing to put together, only troubles were trying to work out just where the horns attach on the chariot and that the instructions tell you to build the crew first, but neglect to say that the lugs on their feet are supposed to fit in recesses in the chariot. So i snipped them off, thinking they were pouring lugs. Oh well, never mind. My favourite of the figures is this guy:
You're given a choice of heads and i went with this zombie looking one and i've glued it on at a crooked angle just to make him a bit different to the norm. Next favourite is the Gorebeast, which is basically an ape wearing armour and covered with whip slashes:
He went together well and i'm really impressed with the eye holes being actual real holes in the helmet. The Charioteer suffers being a tad dull:
With his helmet being the most striking thing about him. Here they are at the start of the painting:
The charioteer is getting a quite healthy colour scheme for Nurgle as i figure he's got to be pretty fit and not falling apart for his job. The rider i'm doing in a very dark metallic with only a touch of rust as, again, i want him to be a bit different from what i usually do with this army. With mind made up to have the chariot and armour for the Gorebeast in green, that kind of ruled out any sort of greenish tone for the beastie as i'd all blend into one. So here i've been experimenting with greys for it. Something that's just not working and, since this pic, i've gone for a more human skin tone.

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