Saturday, 9 February 2013

Jabba's Throne Room - Oola & Wol Cabasshite

Today, i've got for you:
The lovely Oola. One of the few times Star Wars almost veered into Star Trek territory with its Alien depictions being nothing much more than "paint a girl a different colour and give her not much to wear" (Orion Slave Girl anyone?), it veered back again by at least bunging some tendrils on her head. And having her not being rescued by our heroes and chomped on by that Rancor. Not much i could do with her figure (so to speak) as its tiny compared to the rest. And thin too - not much more than a carved cocktail stick.
Next up, we have easily one of the most bizarre Alien lifeforms seen in the series, and the best surname ever. Am seriously thinking of changing mine to it by deed poll. Wol Cabasshite only makes a very brief appearance, trying to have a lick of C3PO, and i'm not surprised that the species has cropped up in the EU. Model-wise, its pretty darn good - very accurate and a good sculpt. Waaay out of scale, but. I was thinking of maybe having a go at making my own studio-scale version but, looking at pics of it being sculpted, its about four feet long - a tad too big methinks. Unless i have it hanging from the ceiling as in Jedi. Hmmm...

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