Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Troll vomit

So, my Son gets these three Trolls for his army, chooses what shade of greens he wants them - then promptly hands them over to me to do them for him. Happy to it of course and it made a nice change to gloss everything as they're River Trolls and my Son wants them to look like they've just crawled out the water. Another challenge was - how do you paint vomit? These beasties have the charming ability to chuck up on thier enemies and one of them is in mid-chunder. But, how do i go about it? Figured it'd have to be a creamy sort of affair, so what i did was to build up from a flesh tone, highlighting with ivory then washes of brown and orange inks, go back to the flesh tone and starting all over again. And just build it up that way - with copious coats of Gloss varnish to finish off.


Stygianheart said...

Haha... Excellent Vom there mate.

I'm gonna have to get on with my own river trolls at some point.

They're constructed, just delayed getting to the painting queue.

Mangamax said...

Give 'em a go! Lovely painting challenge