Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Jabba's Throne Room - Bib Fortuna & Sy Snootles

Nearly finished on these two, just tidying up here and there. And boy will i be glad whne i do. Dunno why, they're okay scuplts i guess, just not very inspiring i guess. Bib Fortuna is, of course, pretty much the best known of aliens from Jabba's court after the Big Guy himself and why not - great design, great performance and great voice. His figure has no voice, has a vague nod to the design and fails miserably at performance, standing there with his massive hands flat to his side like that: Sy Snootles was fantastic in, and i can't stress this strongly enough, the original "Jedi", a rod puppet that performs its function - to convey that there's no way a bloke in a suit is there. Not with those legs. The figure? Oh boy. Too fat, wrinkles too pronounced, total lack of eyes or lips. This was a struggle.

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