Saturday, 2 February 2013

Jabba's Throne Room - Squid Head & Bubo

Okay, next up we've got:
Squid Head. He's always been one of my favourites of Jabba's hangers-on, i guess because he's so reminiscent of the coda for the 50's B Movie monsters i love so much: Get an actor, bung him in some exotic clothes, stick a rubber mask over his head and alien hand gloves on his hands too. Again, it seems the sculptor slavishly followed a promotional photo as, again, the finished figure almost exactly duplicates the pic above it.
Bubo, or "Frog Dog" as they'd have it, is the classic puppet creature, worthy of Sesame Street, as he's clearly being operated by some schmo under the floor, making it bark as the Droids enters the Throne Room. All well and good, nothing wrong with that, nice to see an alien that's not human-sized etc etc. Until you touch on the back-story. Which has it that this fella (full name, Buboicullar) had actually been "an assassin and spy". Total and utter tosh, and i gave up reading right there. The figure is very basic, with no detail at all apart from a few folds of skin and very rudimentary eyes. I did what i could, adding a bit a variation by mottling the colours on, but its still not good.

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