Friday, 1 March 2013

Goblins, Squigs & Trolls

Going into Goblin overload in this here house, now we've decided to mix and match a whole manner of modern and classic creatures for the army. First up we've the original version of the Goblin Skarshnik and his pet Squig Gnobbla. We've gone for that over the modern as they're just more characterful. Painting is underway and i'm deliberatly not doing red for the Squigs as they're done to death in that colour IMO. All other colours are just blocked in at this stage, so please don't judge. Next we've got a Marsh Troll. Never saw one of these up close way back when and it was a bit of a punt when i got him as he kinda looked like the really rather naff Troll that they did for the original Talisman. But, in the flesh/metal and with a coat of White Primer on, he's really rather neat, with thatluvverly face and neat collecting basket. As he's a Marsh Troll, i figure he's related to the River one's, so have decided to go with the same slimy appearance of those one's. But, when getting one out to check what i'd done, am pretty surprised at just how small these old Trolls are to their modern counterparts.

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