Saturday, 27 February 2010

Off The Shelf - 1 - Cyclops

Thought it might be an idea to show here things i've made before this here Blog was set up.
First up is this scratchbuild.
The main shape was a clear elongated dome that housed Ferro Roche chocolates. To that i added the cowls top and bottom at the rear just to continue the curved shape a bit more.
Veteran modellers might spot the Buck Rogers Starfighter engines being used amongst the kitbits.
I called it Cyclops because of the solitary window at the front, which i'd deliberately placed very low down just to make it a bit interesting.
I had a stroke of luck there in that its actually a clear button that i'd stuck on to the clear hull. Its had an unexpected pleasent sideffect of the two together conveying a real sense of depth and "something going on in there".
Colour scheme is a nod to Thunderbird 4 and, again unexpectedly, has come out similar to the Spindrift.
Can live with that.

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Mr.Esty said...

Fantastic scratch build! You are a real inspiration, sir. Well done.