Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Off The Shelf - 1 - Hammerstien

Going back quite a way now, and here's the vinyl kit of the leader of the ABC Warriors from 2000AD, guest star in the Judge Dredd film, hence the making of the kit.
Its a nifty piece of work, but i'd always had a problem with him looking sideways and firing wrist guns that he never has in the strip, along with a regular hand instead of the hammer that gave him his name.
So when i bought it, it was with a mind to get him back to his ABC origins.
First trick was to turn his head round to facing front, which was a nightmare as, to do that, i had to sever all the luvverly cable detail which of course never matched up once it was turned.
It was a case of laying in new PVC cables over the old to hide what i'd done.
A simple job was to remove his right hand and the replacement hammer was fashioned out of Magic Sculpt over a Plasticard former.
Finally, it was to give him a whacking great gun, and this is part of an old Macross kit i'd built in the mid 80's.

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