Friday, 19 February 2010

Music To Model by - 1

Dunno about you, but i always have to have something in the background while i'm beavering away.
Right now, to match the mood of the nasty things i'm working on, its the brilliant soundtrack to Sunshine by Underworld and John Murphy.
I LOVE the film - the designwork, the lighting, the beautiful look to the sun and space, the much slower pace than we've been used to of late in SF films but, most of all, its the score, which perfectly blends with the visuals.
So its a damn shame that we can't buy it.
Wish the legal wrangles were ironed out - i know its available on iTunes, and i've got it that way, but its not the same as having it in a proper jewel case is it?
Anyway, my favourite track is this one here, which is a reworking of Adiagio in D Minor that, happily, occurs more than once on the album and in the film.

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