Monday, 22 February 2010

Solomon Kane

Watched this at work last night and thought it was... alright.
Can see what they were trying to do but it ending up rather "bitty" - lots of seperate scenes that were quite disparete and did'nt gel together at all.
I was distracted mainly by two things:
(1) James Purefoy's ability to, within a sentence of dialogue, appear in turns to be Vigo Moregenstern/Hugh Jackman/Robert Carlyle
(2) The lack of funds and,especially, shooting in leafless English woods gave it a real feel of Hawk The Slayer - a cult film for no discernible reason.


Mr.Esty said...

Oh my god, Hawk the Slayer!!!
Wow. That movie really hit me at an impressionable age.

The Bronze said...

Hawk the Slayer is the pits, one of the worst sword and sorcery movie's made, up next to Beastmaster Red Sonja and Ladyhawke.

Mangamax said...

I dunno, the Elf in it was more Elf-like than anything in the LOTR films. Does suffer from having Bernard Breslaw in a serious role though i admit.
Do like it for its cheap charm though. But, for me, best of all the low budget, z-list fantasy films is The Sword And The Sorceror.