Saturday, 20 February 2010

Chaos Terminators

Having a trawl round Forge World's site, there's sure some excellent work there. Not so excellent prices though.
Something that did catch my eye is this little set for only 16 quid.
They're replacement torsos and shoulder pads for the Games Workshop Chaos Terminators, done in a Nurgle style - lovely and rotten and very detailed.
So i've got them.
Also been out and got the plastic terminators for their arms and legs.
Which presents 2 problems:
(1) If i use the arms and legs of the plastic terminators, i'm gonna have 5 spare torsos aren't i?
Got round that by buying up cheap 5 good guy terminators of the 'Bay which i'll cobble together to make some more.
But i'll then have 5 terminators with Chaos bodies and good guy arms and legs. Going to get round that by sculpting cloth, gore and poxy bits to disguise them.
Expect a new thread soon on that.
(2) Been playing around with the FW bodies and the GW legs and its glaringly obvious that the briallint, crisp detail of the FW parts clashes horribly with the very soft detail of the GW parts.
Got to think of a way round that.

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