Thursday, 4 February 2010

Chaos Spawn

Was in Maidstone yesterday and strolled past Games Workshop so popped in to see if anything relatively cheaply floated me boat.
Came out with these two fellas as i've been after them for quite a while - and there's tons of spare parts that i can use on later projects.
As usual with them, you have to look beyond the usually rather garish colour schemes (bright green claws???) to see the sculpt.
Get it out the box and assembled and its a differeent matter entirely - two bodies with loads of nicely detailed limbs, heads and spiky bits.
Here's what i've done with mine. I've deliberatly not gone overboard on the tentacles and extra bits as when that's been done they do need a good prune. I've chosen two distincively different styles, with colour schemes to match.
Tne one with a mouth where the head should be i've given arms with reconisibly human aspects still to them. So he'll be having a human-like skin type (maybe).
The other i've given quite a few spikes and a distinctly non-human face so will be playing up the alieness of him in his colour scheme.

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