Saturday, 20 February 2010

Daemon Prince Of Nurgle - a change of tactics

So, there i am getting near the end of doing his skin - just the eyeball, mouth and gore up the belly wounds - when i decide to put on the topcoat for the armour of Gretchin Green.
There's tons of skinbits poking through, along with numerous horns that look like they're part of him too.
So, as i'd rather do all the skinjobs at the same time, i'm gonna have to cahnge the way i do things. Usually i paint the way you get dressed - skin first, then up through the layers of clothing, then the accessories.
But here i'm gonna have to stop the skin, do the armour, then the clothing which is draped over it, then the flesh peeking out, then the rest of the metal parts.
Its real bad lighting here today so i've had to brighten up these shots in Photoshop so you can see what i've done (so they're nowhere near as pastelly or light as they appear here), which is to have finished the armour and rusted it up.
I've also put up a pic of his left forearm armour. I'm constantly suprised at the quality of the detail on this figure and this is a good example - a fly built into the workings with the trademark three-circle symbol of Nurgle on its wings.
I'm not going to highlight it any more than this as, to me, Nurgle subjects should be "realistic". By that i mean they should have a look akin to something like horror movies of Texas Chainsaw etc or computer games such as Resident Evil - muted tones, grim, rusty and plague-ridden.
More like how they appear in Games Workshops artwork rather than in White Dwarf.

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