Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Daemon Prince Of Nurgle

Still all Nurgled up, this is my latest go at this faction and - what a whopper.
He's 25mm scale, in line with standard Games Workshop figures but so big he could easily be used for a 54mm line.
A lovely bit of casting that went togther really well - didn't even bother with Superglue on parts this big and heavy (its white metal btw) and went straight to the Araldite.
You can see i've left his arms off. That's 'cause the details so nice on his belt and the inside of the arms it'd be a right bastige to get to them if i put them on before painting.
The four fellas alongside him came in the same post and are the bog-standard, pretty crappy generic plastic Nurgle Marines that i picked up cheap on eBay.
I've bought them as i'm not sure what to go with on the armour of the Prince, so will experiment with four different one's on these fellas.

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Mr.Esty said...

Looking forward to seeing how these guys shape-up! Love your blog :D