Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Clash Of The Titans Medusa

Must say, am looking forward to the remake. After all, can't really make it worse than the original, right?
The only thing that they'll be hard beat to improve on - and you know what i'm gonna say - is the Medusa sequence.
Rightly hailed as a masterpiece of stop motion animation and it would've been a fitting end to Ray Harryhausen's career, if only he hadn't done anything else on it.
Thought it would be an idea to show you my Medusa, which is by Geometric and pretty good.
What fails it is the bizarre angle she's at. Why do it that way? She doesn't do it at all in the film and it makes for a difficult photo angle, never mind displaying her.
By the way - she does have an arrow, it just fell off when moving her and i didn't notice until after i took the pics.

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