Saturday, 13 February 2010

The many lives of an Ovaltine jar

While looking around the Games Workshop forums and sites, this Drop Pod design kept taking my fancy. Even more taken with the folk that were doing their own scratchbuilt versions.
A lot of them have a nice contrast of a rounded main hull with the sharp, angular wing things.
So, thought i'd have a go. Trawling through the bits box unearthed this long forgotten, partially completed lump of plastic. I'm not sure if i've ever featured it here before but it started out as an Ovaltine jar.
Its shape was kinda like the Escape Pod seen at the start of Star Wars: A New Hope, so thought i'd have a go at one.
Soon gave that up as there was no way i could replicate the original (which was much bigger, being a paint bucket and, even if it wasn't, the donor kit parts would be waaay expensive) so decided to do a riff on the design.
Cut out the section at the front here as you can see for a recessed hatch, cut the top third of, put in a spacer then put it back on, loads of kitbits and, on top, the top off of a toothbrush holder.
So, painted it up and dirtied it down and put it on the shelf.
Fast forward a couple of years and it occurs to me that the style of it inadvertingly was similar to the Ma.K style and decided to reprime it and redo it in appropriate green camos.
Which i started to do - but then got distracted by something else and put it away.
And there it lay forgotten about until today.
Thinking now, this way up and with the bottom detail ripped off so it stands up, it could be the basis for a Nurgle Drop Pod.
With the added bonus of already having a lot of the paintjob done.
So, i'm off - here's how it is now with a coupla stabelising wings attached:

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