Monday, 14 January 2013

The Mark MK6 - Primed

So, here's the last of the details put on, and i've kept the donor parts to those from the bits box Mark kindly gave me.
You'll see there's still lots of plain areas and that's because, right from the get-go, i've planned on having identifying colour bands in those places. Anyway, with them done, its Prime-Time and, hopefully, its pulled everything together:


Jessica Grant said...

It's an odd looking bird =)
I like it and can't wait to see it painted but feel it would benefit a little from a slightly curvier belly gun turret.

Mangamax said...

Hey there Jessica.
Yeah, i agree the belly would blend in more if it had more curves to it.
But i'm aiming for a real M.a.K. vibe to the thing, which often has a whole jumble of shapes mashed together.
Hopefully it'll turn out okish!