Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nurgle Lord

Having the weekend off and snow forecast, i popped into Games Workshop Maidstone on Friday to pick up a simple little painting challenge, and i went with this fella as he's cheap and a great sculpt - not often you can say that. Anyway, you get one sprue:
And everything fits together real well and glues perfectly well with regular plastic cement - again, not often that can be said. Within a couple of minutes i had him at this stage, all built bar the helmet:
I held off on putting that on, as i was considering doing what someone had done in White Dwarf - nip away the bottom of the helmet to reveal the locating hole on the front of the head and have that as a mouth. But i wanted to keep it simple, so bunged it on. Something i was keen on doing was to have a bit of a different colour scheme for him as (A) He's a Lord, (B) I don't want my ever-growing Nurgle army to be a mass of the same greens and browns and rusty metals. I'd done a lot of pasty, ill-looking skin on a lot of the figures so far, so decided to go with a bit warmer skin tone. So, over Bleached Bone, i've gone with a wash of Dwarf Flesh for that:
I also wanted the armour areas to stand out. So below you should be able to see i've blocked in the chainmail areas with a dark brown, ready to drybrush with Gold - something i've not done on any other of the figures, and hopefully that'll signify the fellas of some importance. It'll still be rusty as Hell, but hopefully that'll come across. You can also see i've started on the gore and also picked out the armour in Silver. The change to the armour is a bit more radical and i don't know if it'll work or not. But i'll give it a go and update you soon.

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