Monday, 28 January 2013

Jabba's Throne Room - Ephant Mon & Gargan

So, thought it best to do two figures at a time, as that way it won't turn into a slog, and these are the first two:
I've got Ephant Mon as my first choice, as he's always been one of my favourites at Jabba's court and i've always felt it a shame that he didn't get more screen-time. He's a strange, unique looking creature, well fitting in with such a supposed menacing lair of the vile gangster but he's shoved off to the sidelines in favour of more muppet-like creations, or humans with not much SF about them at all. No idea if that's because of the limitations of the suit/puppet or whatever it was used to animate him, but maybe. His model equivilant is pretty darn accurate and pretty darn easy - just a grey for the skintones with a black wash, and various browns for his robes.
Gargan is one of those humans with not much SF, but at least with her looks (and that strange, drunken goose-stepping dance she does) she again does fit in with that underworld that Jabba's meant to rule. In fact, if there was such a thing as a brothel on Tatooine, she'd be the madame. One thing i've never got about her is that she's six-breasted. Looking at the pic here, its pretty darn clear that she's only got one pair and then strips of cloth vaguely bra-like across her midriff. Either that or she does have six breasts, but all the size of fried eggs. Anyway, her plastic version is interesting in that the sculptor has copied the photo above exactly. The paintjob isn't exactly a challenge and i'm almost done - just some drybrushing of details left.

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