Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hornethopter - legs

Been a while since i've updated this as its been a bit of a slog to do all six legs, so i've found it best to do one at a time and come back to it. Reason it being a slog is - hopefully you'll be able to make this out - that each leg comprises two parts (which needed Aralditing for extra strength,and that takes a while to set) and then two brass etch parts, the serrated shape at the end of the leg and the bracket in the middle that a cable will go through. Each one of those brackets had to be bent round to make the open box shape you see here and then glued in place with Superglue. That works okay - except the Superglue took ages to set on this type of resin. As i say, a slog. But, here we go with one side done and i'm getting all enthused - does look very bug-like now doesn't it?

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