Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hornethopter - oh dear

Well, that's a surprise. With such a well put together kit ilke this, i wasn't expecting the whacking great pouring lugs on a lot of the pieces. Some are pretty bad as they attached to the edge of things like here:
Or they're rather cleverly tucked aways into areas that will be covered by another part, as in the neck here:
Its all making for delaying the build of the beastie while i do the clean-up, which is what i don't like about resin kits. Anyway, i'm still mighty impressed by the kit. Things like the back of the head here:
will be totally obscured by the body, but the details there still the same. I have made a start on parts i have cleaned up, and here you have the stinger unit. I'm using Black Superglue and that black circle is where i've glued a pin into place to join these two pieces together. You're menat to pin and not glue as then the stinger can be movable and poseable, but i don't like gimmicy models and would rather mine be static.

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